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We believe that fresh, nutritious, locally grown and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables are fundamental requirements for a healthy lifestyle, to which all Canadians should have access and be able to enjoy.


About 86% of fresh fruits and 39% of vegetables consumed in Canada are trucked in from Mexico, California, Florida and beyond, thousands of miles away. Located at the very end of a ±8000 km long logistics chain, Atlantic Canada and northern Canadian communities are particularly vulnerable. Our conservative estimates indicate a potential for import offset of at least ± $22.2M and 8M metric tonnes of imported food annually, if the food imported into the region were to be locally produced instead.

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AIM to Grow is a platform based on the recognition that more can be done to support local food production in Canada, and that innovative technologies can help to fill that need. Our purpose is to explore the potential, build partnerships, and realize projects to further develop modern fruit and vegetable production using indoor growing technologies in the Canadian Atlantic Provinces and northern communities.

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