Our Values

Our Mission

  • We would like to see more locally grown, fresh, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables replace imported products in the Atlantic Provinces and Northern Canada, using modern agricultural technologies, and creating more local jobs.
  • We would like to collaborate with local partners to help solve the twin topics of Food Security and Food Sovereignty, which are so important for these regions.
  • We would like to stimulate more young people to get involved in fruit and vegetable production, bringing their new ideas, digital skills, and commitment to ensuring that their communities thrive.
  • We would also like to see more joint research projects conducted, and new, innovative projects realized, that take into account Dutch Canadian know-how, to adapt the technologies to cold climates and smaller, more remote population centers.
  • We want to make sure that Northern communities can produce some of the basic fresh foods that contribute to healthy lifestyles. First Nations should be involved and participate in these projects to ensure they meet local needs, and that the inhabitants have access to innovative technologies.

Our Aims

There is a wealth of potential for more local Canadian fruit and vegetable production using CEA. We would like to see joint CA-NL R&D collaboration so as to realize new, unique, and innovative technologies that contribute to cold climate indoor growing know-how and make Canada a leader in this field. We would also like to:

  • Work with more northern communities and First Nations to realize successful projects.
  • Realize special exchange programs for young people and professionals to have opportunities to get to know each other’s region, and how indoor growing technologies are capable of being used.
  • Work with more communities to ensure that their town or city is able to benefit from CEA technologies to support local food production.
  • Ensure that the necessary data is available for measuring progress, and that strategic planning is used is to realize success.
  • Do more joint research in adapting the technologies for organic growing and realizing new successful developments in this field.
  • Find partners in Canada who can support Dutch companies with local maintenance, installation, customer service, and repair.
  • Explore innovative CEA projects, for example, using geothermal energy, or other alternative sources of heating, to realize successful projects.

We would like to hear from you to see how we can support the realization of new, innovative projects.